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Inviting you to quiet your body and mind before the busy season begins! Come breathe and move your body with Suzanne on the mat at POP. Following the yoga class, Brianne will instruct us in creating wreaths with seasonal evergreen foliage, berries, other seasonal goodies, and ribbon.

Let’s focus our attention and set our hearts on Jesus as we move and create! We will meet at POP for yoga at 9, then MERCY MED FARM for the wreaths. 





Aerial Yoga is more accessible than you think! If you can sit in a hammock, then you can do Aerial Yoga. (And no, getting out of the hammock doesn't have to be graceful.)

Casey is offering a series at POP. Her Aerial BASE course will help you build strength, balance, flexibility, mental calm, and core strength needed to flow on the yoga hammock.


It is a four week course. Each class builds on the previous week’s skills.


MONDAYS at 5:45pm

January 22nd to February 12th





Life is more than pushing on to the next thing or going through the motions. 

This class will create space to stop and reflect as we put pen to paper. I believe the Lord is kindly inviting us to name where we are (without judgement), to pay attention to what is going on inside of our heart, and to notice sensations in our body.

Buy a journal from POP and get a discount code for this class! Or bring your own journal! JOURNAL SOLD SEPARATELY (go to SHOP tab to purchase)!

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POP Yoga | 210 32nd St | Columbus, GA

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