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Imagine being able to...

- Study movement and yoga in a way to better understand and love how God created our bodies.

- Lead and teach a class from the integrity of your true inner-self.

- Integrate science-based knowledge of strength-building into movement practices governed by body kindness.

- Practice self-acceptance with consistency and be enabled to live out of compassion through your understanding of Christian

  principles as they apply to breath and yoga.

- Design classes that lead to a greater understanding of the miracle and worth of the human body.

- Confidently lead populations with physical limitations on accessible yoga practices.

- Incorporate strength-building exercises into your yoga practices.

- Form deep relationships and connections with others and yourself.


I can tell you whole-heartedly that my 200 Hour Teacher Training was life changing. My desire was to learn more about anatomy and how to master crow pose...still working on that crow:). However, what I gained from those 200 hours was so much more than knowledge about our bodies (even though that was fascinating to me), It was a time of deep inner work, emotional healing, building confidence and friendships that have lasted.


Casey Valencia and I would love for you to join us at POP Yoga in January as we lead a life changing 200 Hour Teacher Training.

Since its beginnings, yoga has traditionally been a spiritual practice. Many different religions have incorporated yoga as an aid in deepening their spiritual awareness. Almost all yoga in the west is taught as a strictly physical practice without integrating the spiritual aspect.


POP Yoga Teacher Training takes a different approach by teaching from a Christ-centered perspective. This means we recognize that every person is a spiritual being, as well as a physical body with mental/emotional processing. We believe that God means us to be whole individuals with all aspects functioning in harmony so that we reflect his love, light, and grace. We believe yoga and this teacher training gives you tools to move toward wholeness and deal with the challenges of life.




JAN 20th - JAN 23rd   Thursday, 1/20, we will have dinner together


FEB 25 - FEB 27


MAR 25 - MAR 27




MAY 13 - MAY 15


JUNE 10 - JUNE 12


JULY 22 - JULY 24




SEPT 23 - SEPT 25


OCT 21 - OCT 23




FRIDAYS  4:00 - 7:00pm


SATURDAYS 8:00 - 6:30pm


SUNDAYS 1:00 - 7:30pm




Deposit to hold space: $500


Teacher Training Fee: $3,080 (including deposit). Check or cash. Credit card will have 2.5 processing fee added to total.


IF you are ready to start this incredible journey with us, please fill out the application below.

Image by madison lavern


Let's get social!

POP Yoga | 210 32nd St | Columbus, GA

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